Understand Your Child’s Development and How to Respond Positively

By: Children's Trust Staff

Knowing how children grow is one of the best ways to set reasonable expectations for your child and yourself - and save everyone daily frustration.

Here are some simple tips to support your journey as a parent. Maybe you're already doing some!

Understanding child development

· Learn what your child needs at different ages and stages of development.

· Know that your child is unique and will develop differently than others.

· Kids change as they grow older. Adapt to meet new and ongoing needs.

· Have a relationship with a doctor’s office that answers your questions about the ages and stages of your child’s growth and development.

· Stay calm and present when your child is sad, angry or frustrated. Help them understand their feelings are normal and okay.

· Take a class to learn positive parenting strategies.

Understanding your child

· Read a story with your child.

· Ask your child questions about their day. Make this a part of your regular routine.

· Share your feelings and let them share theirs.

· Make sure kids understand what is safe and unsafe.

· Eat dinner together regularly.

· Celebrate when they succeed in school.

· Play games that encourage conversations.

· Spend time at your local library.

· Track growth on a chart or wall.

· Meet another family at the park. Help your child learn what it means to play well with others.

· Connect with trusted parents who can offer you counsel and wisdom.

· Be present at their school and after-school activities.

Learn more about protective factors for your family.

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