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Need assistance figuring out what kind of help you need? Our resource directory is broken into the following service categories. Find service providers across the state providing help to parents through a range of topics, including:

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Childcare & Education Information for Parents in South Carolina

Childcare & Education

Knowledge is power! Helping you navigate your kid's child care and school.

  • Finding quality child care
  • After-school care and activities
  • Helping your kids with their homework
  • Summer programs
  • How to choose a school

Child Development

Understanding how your children grow and develop; and how you can help them along the way.

  • Bonding with your kids
  • Helping your kids handle hard things
  • Tracking your child’s growth and development
  • Surviving adolescence and navigating the teen years
  • Understanding developmental challenges


Every family needs a village. Explore how to build yours.

  • Volunteering
  • Making friends as an adult
  • Being a parent advocate
  • Faith resources
  • Libraries and other community centers
  • Building your village

Finances & Employment

Knowledge and resources to help your family survive and even thrive financially.

  • Medicaid, WIC, SNAP and more
  • Managing your monthly expenses
  • Financial literacy
  • Growing your income
  • Finding a job

Food & Nutrition

Eating healthy helps your family to thrive.

  • Healthy, fast and easy meals
  • School lunch solutions
  • Breastfeeding and baby food
  • Nutrition ideas for every age
  • Food allergies

Health & Mental Health

Build a healthy and strong family – body, brain and heart.

  • Understanding trauma
  • Stress and resiliency
  • Bullying
  • Screens, social media and your child’s health
  • Building your child’s team for health and wellness

Housing & Goods

Helping parents create safe, secure and supportive homes for their children.

  • Finding a place to live
  • Housing assistance programs
  • Affording a home
  • Maintenance, management and organization


Helping you understand your rights, roles and responsibilities as a parent.

  • Guardian ad litem
  • Leaving your kids home alone
  • Divorce and custody
  • Birth certificates and social security numbers
  • Kids in trouble


Level up your skills and knowledge to be a confident and resilient parent.

  • Positive discipline
  • Bouncing back from the tough stuff
  • Boundaries with family members
  • Navigating changes and transitions
  • Healthy conversations
  • Disabilities


Keeping your kids safe at home and on the go.

  • Home, car and crib safety
  • Online safet
  • Preparing for emergencies
  • Body safety (safe and unsafe touching)
  • Recognizing the signs of child abuse

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