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Let’s face it. We have all learned some lessons along the path of parenting. This is a safe place where parents can share tips, tricks and hacks they’ve learned that could be of use to others. It takes a village to raise a kid after all.

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While we will not publish your name or location on, we ask for contact information in case we need additional information or clarification.

Respect and civility.

Operate with respect and courtesy and be civil and constructive. Don’t send personal attacks, harassment, pornography, hate speech or the like. Our parent contributors are volunteers and do this because they want to build a better South Carolina, one family at a time

Obligation to protect.

If you share information about a child in danger, we will contact the appropriate authorities and/or law enforcement. 

Legal issues.

We will not respond to inquiries, especially those of a legal nature, about specific child custody, child abuse, child neglect or other cases. Those questions should be forwarded to the appropriate child advocacy organizations, state agencies, law enforcement or the courts.


Through proven protective factors, we know every family has strengths that when rooted can grow and make them stronger. The content we publish will help advance and build those strengths.

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