5 Ways to Use Your Library to Connect with Other Families

All parents need the support of a community. Having close relationships with friends, coworkers and neighbors can help reduce the stress and isolation that many parents know all too well. Still, building new connections as a parent can feel scary and time-consuming.

One great place to start engaging with your community is at your local library—of which South Carolina is in no short supply!

Public libraries exist across rural, urban and suburban areas and often serve as community hubs. They offer parents and families special opportunities to connect and find support.

How can you become more involved in your local library?

  1. Go to story time with your child. Check your library’s website for information on regular story time or ask a children’s librarian.
  2. Attend a library program. Check out the event calendar and find something that interests you.
  3. Meet up with other parents. It’s a fun, free place to bring your children and connect with other families you might want to get to know better.
  4. Volunteer. Ask your librarian about volunteer opportunities for you and your child. It’s the perfect chance to meet others, build skills and support libraries.
  5. Join the summer reading challenge. Most libraries hold one every summer.

Libraries are so much more than books! They offer safe spaces for both you and your child to find your people and nurture your passions. Plan a trip to your local library and see what happens.


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