Knowing how children grow is one of the best ways to set reasonable expectations for your child and yourself.

It is important to understand how children grow and develop and know parenting strategies that support positive child development.

Understanding child development

  • Learn what children need at different ages and stages of development.
  • Know that your child is unique and will develop differently than others.
  • Kids change as they grow older. Adapt to meet new and ongoing needs.
  • Have a relationship with a doctor’s office that answers your questions about the ages and stages of your child’s growth and development.
  • Stay calm and present when your child is sad, angry or frustrated. Help them understand their feelings are normal and okay.
  • Take a class to learn positive parenting strategies.

Understanding your child

  • Read a story with your child.
  • Ask your child questions about their day. Make this a part of your regular routine.
  • Share your feelings and let them share theirs.
  • Make sure kids understand what is safe and unsafe.
  • Eat dinner together regularly.
  • Celebrate when they succeed in school.
  • Play games that encourage conversations.
  • Spend time at your local library.
  • Track growth on a chart or wall.
  • Meet another family at the park. Help your child learn what it means to play well with others.
  • Connect with trusted parents who can offer you counsel and wisdom.
  • Be present at their school and after-school activities.

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